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The wealth.com Advisor Portal

Positioning the financial advisor as the quarterback

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Create, manage and visualize your estate plan with wealth.com

Key Features

  • Invite your full book of business to wealth.com through our API connections with your preferred CRM.
  • Monitor progress with full visibility into the client estate planning workflows.
  • Quickly run customized reports to better understand the structure & implications of client estate plans.
  • Receive proactive insights from our intelligence engine regarding plan optimizations and client touchpoints.
  • Connect with our Partner Success team or request a consultation through our curated attorney network.


How much effort does the portal take to set up?

Very little! Our system is intuitive and guided and shouldn't take you more than 10 minutes to configure. Your dedicated success manager will handle the onboarding heavy lifting.

Does it cost extra?

No, the Advisor Portal is the core of our platform, available to all advisors.

Does it support multi-advisor teams?

Yes it does. Schedule a demo with our team today to see how.

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