It's here! Announcing Family Office Suite™, estate management solutions for complex estate plans

Family Office Suite™
Cutting-edge estate management technology for highly complex estates
Visualize plans, model scenarios and optimize for tax alpha.

Built by expert attorneys

for top advisors with complex estates

Visualize the complexities of any client’s plan
Uncover strategic planning opportunities
Unlock estate tax alpha
Deliver in a structured and tailored report

The Family Office Suite™ empowers advisors to seamlessly collect, structure, model and visualize all data from a client's estate plan

Here's how we help reduce manual processes and provide clients unparalleled clarity:

Visualize the complex

Demystify estate planning nuances like sub-trust distribution schemes, federal and state estate tax implications, Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax (GST) exempt and non-exempt trust breakdowns, administrative costs and more.

Quantify tax alpha

Estate tax calculators and scenario analysis capabilities to quantify tax implications and identify optimization opportunities.

Organize & collaborate

Drive scale and repeatable processes through cutting edge technology, like our document extraction AI, Ester™.

Deliver refined reports

Create custom visual reports for clients, choosing the elements of their plan that matter the most to them—complete with your firm’s branding. empowers advisors to offer estate planning services at a level that is clearly superior to other offerings.

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Find out why is the only comprehensive estate planning platform for all clients and all estate plans, no matter how complex

Advisor Portal

Estate planning management made simple, including CRM and portfolio management integrations.

Create high-quality documents

 Clients can create and update state-specific documents, maintained by our leading legal team.

Estate planning resources

Helpful resources designed for advisors and their clients to achieve their unique visions for lasting legacies.

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