What's New at wealth.com - June 2023

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·July 5, 2023
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At Wealth.com, we are proud to deliver a seamless and worthwhile experience to our members. Our product innovation is driven by our commitment to partnering with our advisors and their clients to find solutions to their problems. For our June update, we’re excited to share new releases. We welcome any feedback or questions: support@wealth.com

Spotlight: Updated Advisor Dashboard featuring the Activity & Insights Feed

  • We released an updated design of our Advisor Dashboard. Alongside a sleeker feel, we’ve also enabled an Activity & Insights feed that provides our partners with information about their clients’ latest activities.
  • This feature reflects our commitment to creating transparency between advisors and their clients, facilitating effective and ongoing dialogue about financial and estate planning.

Help Center

Wealth.com was built to take the stress and complexity out of estate planning, empowering people to create plans that secure their future. We’re committed to empowering our partners and members by providing them with the answers they need, when they need them.

We’re excited to share that we now have a Help Center available in-app for both members and advisors. These tools provide answers to frequently asked questions, as well as information about estate planning.

Having a digital Help Center — in addition to educational videos and our Member Success team that offers email, phone and chat support — is part of our dedication to making sure that no matter how you prefer to access information, we have something that works for you.

Wealth.com advisors and members can check it out here.

In Case You Missed It

Members expressed needing to speak with an attorney, so we made that process easy. Through our preferred attorney network, vetted extensively and available in all 50 states and DC, members can now request to speak with expert trust and estate attorneys in their state without leaving the app.

Hanna Byers, VP of Product quote

We want to hear from you. Please share your feedback with us! 

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