What’s New at wealth.com - October 2023

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·November 2, 2023
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Wealth.com is dedicated to simplifying the estate planning process while remaining steadfast in our commitment to maintaining quality and rigor. We are proud to work closely with our advisor partners and their clients to provide the tools to create, visualize and manage their estate plans over time.

Check out the newest releases below. We welcome any feedback or questions: support@wealth.com.

Ongoing Ester 1.0 Optimization

We continue to make enhancements to Ester™ , our AI estate planning document extractor, including the following enhancements:

  • Insights: Released new insights, including if we see a document is governed by one state but the client resides in another. This powers advisors to have thoughtful conversations with their clients about the status of their existing estate plans, and possible areas to address when they’re ready to make an amendment or restatement.
  • Professional Reviews: We added the optionality for advisors to request a manual review of documents run through Ester™. For those who would prefer to not review information extracted by Ester™, this allows them an alternate way to still receive a summarized snapshot without having to cross-check the output with the document itself.
  • Gift Tax Returns: We expanded the capabilities of Ester™ to extract information from Form 709s to summarize and calculate estate tax details.
  • Training: Ongoing training of the model to read estate planning documents for higher F1 accuracy results.

Advisor and Client Collaboration

Not only can advisors pre-fill factual information on behalf of their clients to expedite the account creation process, but we are pleased to announce that advisors are now also able to create and edit contact cards for their clients.

The ability to collaborate with clients through contact cards better allows clients to begin their documents with key people already available as options to select within their document creation workflows. New collaboration tools will be coming soon, including Vault and Asset collaboration.

Document Creation

Joint Revocable Trusts for Florida Residents: Members in Florida are now able to create a Joint Revocable Trust. To help clients understand whether this document type is applicable to them and nuances between drafting two individual revocable trusts versus one joint revocable trust, read more here. Please note that at this time, members in Georgia and New York are not able to create a Joint Revocable Trust, though this capability will be coming soon.

Document Optimization: We continuously optimize our documents to ensure that we maintain the quality and rigor of our offering. We do this by partnering with local counsel in all 51 U.S. jurisdictions. In partnership with local counsel in Indiana, we updated our Revocable Trust documents to stay up-to-date with nuances to state law.

Charlotte Young, Product Manager quote

We are proud to work closely with our advisor partners and their clients to provide the tools to create, visualize and manage their estate plans over time.

We want to hear from you. Please share your feedback with us!

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