What's New at wealth.com - September 2023

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·October 12, 2023
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Wealth.com is proud to work closely with our advisor partners and their clients to provide highly effective tools to create, visualize and manage estate plans over time. Check out the newest releases below. We welcome any feedback or questions: support@wealth.com.

Document Creation:

Document Optimization: Wealth.com partners with local counsel in all 51 U.S. jurisdictions to ensure that we maintain quality and legal rigor of our documents. This continuous feedback loop helps ensure documents stay up-to-date with nuanced customizations. For example, Idaho recently released new laws that went into effect this summer, and we’ve optimized our Advance Health Care Directive forms to reflect these changes.

Joint Revocable Trusts for Common Law States: Wealth.com has always offered Joint Revocable Trusts to our members in community property states. Based on demand in other jurisdictions, we partnered with advisors and our legal experts to expand our offering to members in common law states. Learn more about the nuances between drafting two individual revocable trusts versus one joint revocable trust here.

Ongoing Support: Product Tours

Wealth.com provides ongoing guidance to ensure advisors and clients feel supported in their estate planning conversations. This includes on-demand resources like our digital Help Center, embedded content throughout the application, and the new in-app tours that help advisors and clients take full advantage of the tools available to them.

Printed Copies Securely Shipped:

You asked and we listened. We’re pleased to announce that advisors are now able to request through their advisor portal to have copies of their clients’ documents printed and shipped. This new capability allows advisors to pay for a shipment to be sent to their office to be signed at an upcoming meeting with the client, or directly to their client’s home.

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Hanna Byers, VP of Product, Wealth.com

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