What’s New at wealth.com - December 2023

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·January 11, 2024
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At Wealth.com, our commitment is to provide our advisor partners and their clients with best-in-class tools to create, manage and visualize their estate plans on an ongoing basis. The foundation of our comprehensive ecosystem is a steadfast commitment to maintaining quality and rigor, and an embedded intelligence layer to simplify the estate planning process. Check out the newest releases below. We welcome any feedback or questions: support@wealth.com

Enhanced Document Matching for Clients on Couples Trust Plans

The Wealth.com platform is designed to guide members to make decisions based on their unique needs, which begins during their Onboarding process. For clients who are recommended a Couples Trust Plan, we extended our logic to take into consideration additional factors outside of their state of residence to guide them to draft either a joint revocable trust or two individual revocable trusts. These factors include whether couples file their taxes jointly, and have common beneficiaries and decision-makers in mind to be responsible for their estate. Clients also have access to answers to frequently asked questions to understand how each circumstance impacts their trust document recommendation.

Use Extractor by Ester™ Before Inviting Clients:

Advisors are now able to use Extractor by Ester™ as a stand-alone tool without inviting clients to create a Wealth.com account. With this new option, advisors still have the flexibility to invite their clients at a later date.

Document Enhancements:

We continuously optimize our document creation offering for clients to have a seamless experience from drafting to signing their documents. For clients who draft a Joint Revocable Trust, their document output now includes a Certificate of Trust that is optimized for their state of residence to certify the existence of the trust and provide key details. Clients who have drafted an Individual Revocable Trust already have a Certificate of Trust included in their document output.

We want to hear from you! Please share your feedback with us: support@wealth.com.

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