2023 Year in Review

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·January 18, 2024
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2023 was a transformative year for wealth.com.

We want to thank you for being an integral part to our continued success as our accomplishments happen in partnership with you and your clients.

We’re even more excited about what 2024 has in store, but before we look ahead, we’re thrilled to share some of our key accomplishments from 2023.

Major Product Features

We take a proactive approach to product innovation, continuously expanding our offering and improving the experience for both advisors and members. Here are some highlights of what we launched last year:

Visualize Client wealth.com Estate Plans

Whenever your client creates an Estate Plan through wealth.com, we automatically generate a visualization of their documents to simplify their decisions into real terms and help facilitate conversations around how their assets will be distributed based on different scenarios.

wealth.com Visualizer

Extractor by Ester™

We built a first-of-its-kind artificial intelligence model that saves advisors hours of reviewing clients' existing estate plans by extracting key information from estate planning documents in a matter of minutes to be saved in a summary report to review with clients.

Projections Calculator

Strengthen estate planning conversations with your clients by using our proprietary projections calculator to estimate their net worth growth over time and understand how the future value of their estate might be impacted by estate taxes.

Enhanced Guidance for Document Creation

We expanded our embedded intelligence layer to better support members along their estate planning journey, including improved document matching for members who are recommended Couples Trust Plans to draft a Joint Trust or 2 Individual Trusts, as well as tips and checks within the document creation workflows that are triggered based on client’s actions.

Advisor Activity Feed and Wealth Insights

Check on all your clients’ activity and progress through the advisor activity feed. Learn as you go with wealth insights that help you understand how each of your client’s changing circumstances impacts their plan recommendation. We also added the ability for you to add notes to client activity updates.

Advisor/client collaboration features

  • Pre-Fill Client Onboarding: Facilitate client onboarding and document drafting process with pre-filled basic information to help your client get started.
  • Contact Card Creation: Set up the key people in their lives to help clients have a starting point for document creation.
  • Store files in your client’s Vault: Upload files directly to your client’s vault, a central file repository within wealth.com, and accessible to their designated emergency contact in the case of a life-changing event.
  • Print & Ship on Behalf of Your Client: Help your client sign their documents. You can also request a shipment of their documents.


Our mission is to fit seamlessly into the rest of your business operations, giving you the information you need, where you need it. We enhanced our integrations to allow advisors to access clients’ estate planning information directly from Wealthbox and Redtail.

New Podcast

The Practical Planner | wealth.com

We introduced our podcast, “The Practical Planner,” hosted by Anne Rhodes, our Chief Legal Officer, and Thomas Kopelman, our Head of Community, who has also been recognized as a Top 100 Advisor by Investopedia. The podcast details everything advisors need for effective estate planning and more.

Tune in on your favorite streaming platform.

Wealth.com on the Road

wealth.com team

In 2023, wealth.com participated in over a dozen events across the United States including Future Proof, Schwab IMPACT and MarketCounsel Summit to showcase why we are the leading estate planning platform tailored for advisors.

And look out for us in 2024! We’re wasting no time in getting back on the road and we hope to see as many of our clients, partners, and friends as possible.

Wealth.com in the Media

Maybe you saw us in the news last year? We secured nearly 100 media placements, including features in renowned publications like WealthManagement.com, Fortune, ThinkAdvisor, Wealth Solutions and many more to spread the word about the impact of estate planning, and how to make it an integral part of advisor and client relationships.

wealth.com team

As we look forward to the opportunities that 2024 holds, we remain dedicated to providing our advisor partners and your clients with industry-leading tools to create, manage and visualize their estate plans continuously.

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